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Todays Business Marketing

The business world is changing and trying to use the same advertising techniques you once used years ago will get you in a heap of trouble today. It is no longer a matter of starting a business, putting up a sign, maybe running an add in the paper and waiting for business to come in. Let us not mention running a phone book add. Someone asked me this the other day and I tried my best not to giggle. Who looks in a phone book anymore? I’ll tell you, maybe 5% of people. Now if you want to target 5% of people, be my guest. I would prefer to go after the other 95% personally.

So how do we get to the other 95% of people if not through traditional means of advertising? The answer is simple, just ask anyone you pass to help you find the closest restaurant. If they are kind, they will pull there phone out of their pocket and search Google. Do you have a business listing on Google? Do you know how to set one up properly to get found? If you answered no to either one of these, I would highly suggest that you search out a Portland SEO marketing consultant and start asking questions.  You are losing out on a lot of business not having these things set up. Might I mention, this is just the tip of the Iceberg. 

Reputable SEO And Marketing Companies

Here in Oregon we are really blessed to have some of the best online marketing companies in the nation. Companies like Oregon Web Solutions have created a small empire and dominate the Oregon market for their services in just a matter of a few years. You can barely search any term that is SEO related and not see them at the top of all results. This is impressive considering they overtook companies that have been around for more than 14 years in only a year and a half starting from scratch. Clearly this is great proof they know what they are doing.

Matt and Seth (the owners) are good old local boys who were born and raised here in Oregon so they understand our local economy and market very well. Oregon Web Solutions can help you reach customers you never thought possible through proven techniques that helped them get to the number one spot in search engines.

Focussing your budget and attention on your web presence is the most worth while marketing you can do. Everyone uses the internet to find things, so doesn’t it make sense to spend money to position yourself to get found online?


5 years ago you could spend a few hundred dollars a month and get good results when it came to hiring a search engine marketing specialist. That is not the case today. Spam links do not work anymore like they did 5 years ago. In fact, the can hurt your website to the point that you may never be found.

A professional SEO today will run you anywhere from $1200 a month to $5k or even more depending on the keywords and market you are after. Some businesses this might be hard to justify, but businesses like construction or real estate can justify the cost as it takes very few new clients to make up for it. After that, it is pure profit. Typically once you reach a comfortable spot you can stop paying full price for SEO services and break it down to a nominal fee for maintenance which is a good idea.

I can personally say that I know many who have made the investment and came out way ahead in the end. It does take time (8-10 months) to get good traction, but once you do, it makes up for all the investment fast.

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