Myrtlewood Candleholders

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candle holderTulip Candle Holders $21.50
Tulip shaped candle holder are ideal for tall tapered candles. They can add an elegant flair to any table setting or side table arrangement.

Solid Chiseled Candle Holder $25.00
The smooth designed top of this Myrtlewood candle holder allows you the opportunity to use many different shaped and sized candles. The solid nature of this holder also makes it very sturdy. 6" tall.

Fluted Candle Holders (Assorted sizes) $6.00 to $15.00
Fluted shaped candle holders are ideal for small to medium votive candles. They are available in various shapes and sizes with an insertion area for the candle of your choice. Color and grain will vary making it very versatile with any color candle.


..........Ball Candle Holder Set $19.50
..........This contemporary designed candle holder set is intended to hold two candle holdertapered candles.
......... The ball shape of the holder gives an optimum view
..........of the wood grain and color.



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